Enamels and Varnishes

KEMEK is a crucial part of Magnekon’s strategy to offer high-value products to its customers, based on 50 years of experience manufacturing enamels for the magnet wire industry and impregnating varnishes used as secondary insulation and conformal coatings for the electronics industry.

With plants located in Mexico, a subsidiary in Brazil, and a state-of-the-art research and development department, Kemek develops, manufactures, and exports its products for a global market and is committed to delivering the best-performing products focusing on the needs of its customers.

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Our Products

Impregnation Varnishes

Impregnation varnishes

Magnet wire enamels


PVC Thermal stabilizers

Industrial resins



We are aware of our environmental responsibility. For this reason, all KEMEK facilities comply with national and international regulations and operate under ISO9001:2015, IATF-16949:2016, and ISO14001:2015 standards, and its products have UL recognition and comply with RoHS/Reach.

KEMEK holds a privileged position in its field because of its experience, technology, and customer service orientation that allows it to adapt to new requirements and emerging trends quickly.

KEMEK Materials and Technology Research Center

Another strategic element is our CIMATEK Research and Development laboratory, where we design new insulations and constantly improve our current products to ensure reliability.

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